Your Gateway to an Express Entry into the World of Communications

Delhi School of Media (DSM) is your Counselor, Mentor and Guide.

DSM has a faculty and staff strength of 30 industry stalwarts and media experts. These experts are having a collective experience of 500 plus years of hard-core industry work.  These Industry Veterans have worked across top 20-Corporate Organizations within the Country.

DSM encourages Students studying in 9th standard onwards to attend free counseling sessions. In these sessions, kids will be sharing their understanding in their formative years. DSM will ascertain their bent of mind. DSM will also assess their familiarity with what they wish their future to look like.

Meanwhile, DSM will share with the kids their understanding of the Industry. DSM first will evaluate students through a unique set of proprietary psychometric tests.

DSM will share with them Industries wide, profile wide hiring scenarios.

The idea is to make students take informed decisions. They exactly get to know by learning what all modules, and what all unpaid and paid trainings as interns, they get themselves full time employments. These learnings ideally shall be of their liking and most suiting to the skills that they intend to hone.

Job will be fun now.

Famous saying – If you make your hobby your job, you don’t have to work a single day.

More so, we will have a few obvious choices across media for the students to aim for and strive to excel into. We will guide the students on the levels of hiring and commiserate learning that they need.

Once the students decide and enroll, they are not stuck. They will be continuously evaluated on the understanding that they gain, interests that they have and interests that are rightly getting captured. Basis these evaluations, they will be continuously updated as to if they are heading right.

Course modules will be available across levels, across certifications and across industries.

So, even if the students are a drop out after 11th -12th, they get to know about most suiting career choices in Communication Marketing / Advertising/ Media and could tailor their employability suiting to their career plans.

Your Best Media School in Delhi is Delhi School of Media. Now, Employability is no more a worry.