How to develop beautiful websites?

Tip 1:- Keep the layout simple

Focus on the essentials. Keep it clean. Functional layouts make your site easier to load, navigate, and use on different platforms and devices.

Tip 2:- Make navigation easy to follow

Let your visitors go around easily. Don’t do something unique with your navigation menus design. Make your menus standard in appearance. This makes your readers feel comfortable.

Tip 3:- Use clear calls to action

Keep your Call to action exact. Is it Buy? Sign up for an email newsletter? Or Donate? Think through. Design them to pop up. Make sure the text on the button is short and straight.

Tip 4:- Less is more

Know your visitors. Minimize their options and focus their attention on your content, products and ads. Show only the text and visual elements that need to be there and nothing more.

Tip 5:- Don’t be afraid of whitespace

When done well, white space can enhance your website design and improve readability. White space helps focus and attention. It provides a way to separate features and ideas for a quick glance.

Tip 6:- Enhance design with eye catching colors

Pick a color as foundation of your website and choose a contrasting accent color for important buttons and interface elements.

Tip 7:- Incorporate attractive, easy-to-read fonts

Use an attractive type font, visually balanced and unique, to make your website text clear and intriguing.

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