Remain Relevant for the jobs

Upgrade and become a Hot Employee 

 Corporate World is an ever-evolving beast. Always stay relevant and remain always required. Keep your skills updated. Learn new tricks of the trade.

 Employers offer on-the-job training and formal qualifications for adding to resume.  This is  up to the employees to keep their skills sharp and abreast of developments.

Refine and update your expertise with Institutes like Delhi School of Marketing. These institutes are run by Marquee Professionals who are Industry Veterans and Experts. Keep you relevant for the job and also make yourself more appealing to future employers if and when they decide to look for a new role.

  1.  Learn Digital, The best language today
  •  This ever-changing job market is becoming more and more globalized.
  • Digital is the new world taking shape right behind you.
  • Do not get left behind.
  1. Volunteer
  •  Volunteering allows you to step outside of your comfort zone
  • Adapt to unfamiliar environments.
  • Meet new people, learn new approaches and gain new insights
  1. Mentoring
  •  Learn from other’s mistakes
  • Talk to People
  • Ask them how they got there and what they learned along the way.
  • You will gain Professional insights. Clarify the skills you need to develop.
  1. Mentor others
  • You have a unique Journey.
  • You have your own stories and life lessons
  • Learn from the mentee about their experiences and approaches.
  • Mentoring will boost your coaching and leadership skills
  • You grow confident while mentoring others.
  1. Network
  •  Talk to others inside and outside your industry, online and offline.
  • Speak to people across ages and backgrounds.
  • Your circle of connections and interpersonal skills will add a lot to you.

6. Webinars, Podcasts and Live events

  • Webinars, Podcasts, Live events get you face to face with new people.
  • It is great to learn from the experts and building know-how.

7. Start a blog

  •  Researching your area of interest.
  • Read Industry news and opinions.
  • Follow other bloggers.
  • Start writing
  • Look at blogging tips
  • Build your existing knowledge
  • Develop a keyword-rich online portfolio

8. Be social media savvy

  • Build your social media profile carefully
  • Show off your knowledge on forums and groups and build a presence
  • Document and formalize to share with employers
  • Update Curriculum vitae and social profiles with new skills.


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