6 Social Media Marketing Tips

Tip 1:- Optimize your website

It is now essential for artists to have at least a minimal web presence. Established artists and galleries with robust websites also refresh and ensure site optimization for search and mobile.

Tip 2:- Go Blogging

Blogging is the best way to get your service found by the search engines and provides excellent content to fuel your other social marketing activities. In addition to posting new work or promoting new stuff, your blog can also be a place to offer a behind-the-scenes look at your creative process, share pictures from relevant events or chronicle your time at a prestigious exhibition.

Tip 3:- Maximize Facebook

Having a Facebook business page. Invite your friends and colleagues to “like” the page and share with their network. Now, start posting. All the content for your blog also can be used in your Facebook page, but make sure to also spend a little bit of time each day on the page.

Tip 4:- Be active on Twitter

Follow keywords and hashtags. Find relevant content to share and follow people. Set up a search or column in your social media tool on particular terms and hashtags.

Tip 5:- Use Pinterest

Set up a profile with keywords and website address. Start pinning. Add a watermark to protect the image and add keywords. Describe your pin clearly. Customize the link to point back to your website.

Tip 6:- Use Press releases

Distribute your release over the wire and propagate across the internet. This drives search results. You can use a low-cost service such as PRWeb to distribute your release.

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