how to click excellent snaps

Seven Tips for Excellent Photography

Tip 1. Connect Straight with Nature

When you click pictures of animals and plants, do as you do for pictures of people. Get Straight.   Use a relatively long lens and using a reasonably large aperture (e.g. f/4) to separate them from busy background.

Tip 2. Shoot through a Frame

A framing device funnels viewer’s attention and adds context. This mask ‘dead’ areas as well. E.g. Shooting through an open door or a window, or branches of a tree.

Alternatively, use diffuse i.e. position the camera close to flowers and shooting a subject beyond and add a soft, colorful frame.

Tip 3. Flash in Daytime

While trying to mix natural light and flash, switch off the flash and set the exposure for the daylight. Use Manual mode and keep the settings locked. Base your exposure on the brightest part of the scene. Now, switch on the flash. This way you can brighten up the darker areas for a balanced result.

Tip 4. Go Sharp without a tripod

When you are on a bustling street, shutter speed becomes a prime concern. The need to go sharp is through :-

  • Increase in the ISO
  • Use shake reduction
  • Fire short bursts of shots,
  • Pull camera strap taut
  • Brace against a wall or street furniture

Tip 5. Shooting in a new location

While visiting a spot for the first time, it’s good to pause and get a sense first.

Quick action :-

  • Explore different viewpoints with a handheld camera
  • For this, find the right angle and height to shoot.

Tip 6. Include odd numbers

Odd number of objects give balanced compositions while shooting a group portrait, a sporting event or a landscape.

Tip 7. Pre-focus for action

Predict a moving subject and pre-focus the lens. This speeds up the time it takes for the autofocus system to lock onto the subject and give you a better chance to grab the shot.

To learn more, use the link herein:- Digital camera world 

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