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The 10 Top Skills that will land you a High-Paying Job by 2020

What should you do to excel in your current job. How to prepare you for your next job?

Personal Development is essential for remaining relevant in Professional Fields.

The usual questions in the minds of employees are :-

  1. Should we join an Entrepreneurs Club?
  2. Should we go to a coding bootcamp?
  3. Invest in a Social Media Marketing Course?
  4. Attend a Communications Training?

It is a good idea to know what Employers are looking for in this era of robots, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR).

All the skill sets listed in a Word Economic Forum report are not yet considered important by employers. They may not even be on their radar yet. But, These skills are going to become critical in next 2-years window.

The top 10 most desired skills in 2020 ( in order of priority) are :

Cognitive flexibility

Adapting to how you communicate based on who you’re talking to. Employers want to know you don’t just say the same thing to everyone — that you think critically about who you’re talking to, deeply listen, and tailor communication to that person.

Negotiation skills

Specialist Skills are going to be in demand for Computers, Mathematics, Data Analysis, Software Development, Arts and Design (Commercial and Industrial Designers).

Service Orientation

The desired Skill is Helping your colleagues. Assist those on your team, your superiors, and people across your industry? How much are you known for that?

Judgment and decision-making

There is a greater need for those who can Analyze Data and use it to make intelligent decisions. Good judgment also involves knowing how to get buy-in from a colleague or suggesting to a manager.

Emotional Intelligence

Robots can’t read people yet. There will be a strong emphasis on hiring those who are aware of others’ reactions, as well as their own impact on others.


Again, this falls under the social skills umbrella (sensing a trend?). It involves being able to collaborate, adjust in relation to others, and be sensitive to the needs of others.

People Management

Managers motivate people, develop talents and skills of employees, and pick the best people for a job.


In 2015, creativity ranked 10th . It’s now in top three skills. Creative People with knowledge of technology application into new products and services will be high in demand.

Critical thinking

Employees with Logic and Reasoning will be in high demand. They will be hired for evaluating the uses of technology to benefit the company

Complex problem-solving

Technology is a great enabler. Most jobs across industries will require complex problem-solving abilities as a core skill by 2020. For this, use of technology in solving complex issues will be in high demand.

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