Frequently asked Questions

Let us answer your queries

Q1. Why should you choose Delhi School of Media ?

Answer – Delhi School of Media (DSM) aims to be your Counselor, Mentor and Guide.  DSM has a industry stalwarts and media experts as faculty. These experts have a collective experience of 500 plus years into Corporate.

These veterans are from  top 20-Corporate Organizations within the Country.

DSM encourages students studying in 9th standard onwards to attend our free counseling sessions.

We share with the students our understanding of the Industry.

We evaluate the students through a unique set of proprietary psychometric tests.

We share with the students Industries wide, profile wide hiring scenarios.

Students exactly get to know by learning what all modules, and what all unpaid and paid trainings as interns, they get themselves full time employments most suiting to the skills that they intend to hone.

Job will be fun now.

Famous saying – If you make your hobby your job, you don’t have to work a single day.

We train you for the levels that we identify you to be most suitable for.

We get you unpaid and paid internships with the Companies within the chosen Industries.

We facilitate you in getting the jobs within these companies.

Q2. What all levels exist that I could look at with DSM?

Answer – DSM will be issuing Certificates, Diploma and PG Diploma in Media

  • 1. Graphics Designing, VFX, Web gaming, Flash and Animation
  • 2. News Anchoring
  • 3. Radio Jockeying
  • 4. Script Writing
  • 5. Creative Writing
  • 6. Brand Promotions
  • 7. Information, Education and Communication (IEC)
  • 8. Visual Merchandising
  • 9. Photography, Camera and Lighting
  • 10. Sound Recording
  • 11. Customer Relationship Management
  • 12. Direct Marketing
  • 13. Retail Marketing
  • 14. Rural Management
  • 15. Out of Home media
  • 16. Influencer Marketing
  • 17. Digital Marketing
  • 18. Broadcast Journalism
  • 19. Radio programming and Production
  • 20. Sound recording and designing
  • 21. Filmmaking and Digital video production
  • 22. Advertising – creating ads
  • 23. Creative Advertising and Branding
  • 24. Design thinking
  • 25. Data analytics

Employment Sectors

Corporates | Startups & NGOs | Advertising Agencies | Digital Marketing Agencies | Market Research Agencies | Media Planning Agencies | Large format retailers | Film Production Houses | satellite channels | Radio Channels | Data Analytics Agencies

Question 3:- If I miss classes, how to cover it? If I didn’t understand any class, can I attend it again ? Is there any additional fee payable?

Answer – You can attend the classes that you have missed/ didn’t understand in upcoming batches.

  • 1. Inform on time for us to reserve a seat.
  • 2. You free backup is -up to 12 hours,
  • 3. Get additional backups @ Rs. 1000 + 18% GST for each missed session as a backup.

Question 4:- What is the level of internship that will be offered to me?

Answer – Your internship will be varying from minimum of 6-weeks to maximum of 30 weeks.

Herein, up to 6-weeks internships will be free of any stipend and aimed at getting industry exposure.

Whereas, a total of 30-weeks internships are to be completed.

Remaining 24-weeks internships will be payable. You can expect Rs.2,000 to Rs.5,000/week initially. Though your stipend will depend on your time and skill investment.

Question 5:- Does DSM provides placement opportunities to the candidates?

Answer – Placement Opportunities are available to all candidates completing their 6-months course and scoring minimum “D” level as grade. Meanwhile, you get placed depending on your performance in the interview and skill showcased in experiential session.

Question 6:- what is the minimum eligibility to enroll into the program ?

Answer – You need to have successfully completed you 12th standard from CBSE or equivalent board certification in order to join any course at DSM.

Question 7:- How to obtain the certificate ?

Answer – The training program includes – 1) Classroom evaluation to judge your subjective knowledge  2) A Practical session. You get the certificate after successfully completion in both evaluation and practical.

Question 8 :- what are the flexible timings for working professionals ?

Answer – DSM has both weekdays and weekend classes. We have classes at different timing in morning, afternoon and evening. We are flexible as per your needs so that you can manage both regular full-time job and class schedules.

Question 9:- Did we get any training material

Answer – DSM will provide training material in soft copies. No hard copies to be given.